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Tapping . . . .
Tapping, sometimes called Emotional Freedom Technique, is an easy to help reduce physical pain, stress, emotional suffering and also to overcome fears and painful memories.  In the class you will be taught the tapping points and how to develop scripts that you speak to your body about releasing the negative thoughts long held within and also the positive thoughts that you want your body to realign itself to. Combined with a healthy lifestyle of a wholesome diet, regular physical exercise, you will be able to manage the stress or pain in your life.

Mother / Daughter Issues . . . .

Many of us consider ourselves "Motherless", possibly through death, abuse, mental or terminal illness. Perhaps your Mom was reliving her own lack of mother's love. Through group or individual setting, you'll be able to release long held emotions by giving voice to those feelings--transforming your sacred wound into a shining jewel, AND protecting YOUR children from the pain you lived through. 
Healing of Memories . . . .
Have you been abused? Many of us have never told anyone what happened to us as children; some of us can't even remember!  One out of three white women and five out of seven African-American women have been abused. Come, share your story, share others stories; release the hurt and pain. Learn clues and 'pink flags' to avoid unhealthy people. You CAN RECOVER and lead a healthy, happy, and whole rest of your life!
Remember, feelings buried alive never die!

Choose individual or group sessions to share your story without shame, find comfort and strategies to overcoming your buried past.
"Own your health;   don't let your health own you!"
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