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  ?  Have you been or are you  in an abusive relationship?
  ?  Do you have the same dream over and over?
  ?  Have you been abused—physically, or sexually?
  Eat when you’re feeling down?
  ?  Choose relationships that hurt you??  
  ? Did you have an unhappy childhood?
  ?  OR, . . . .?
With the help of Dr. Carol, you will be more able to look at your past--with less pain. You'll discuss and release old memories, healing will     strengthen your immune system and support overall health--spiritually, mentally and physically.  Allowing YOU to live more fully the life YOU were created to live!
Tapping is another way to release storred up emotions and energy. Dr. Carol will show you the tapping points as well as helping you to create a list of statements that will help you and your memory to release the pain you've lived with and move on to a life with less baggage!

You'll learn to deal how to use prayerful/meditative healing statements to help you release: 
  • cellular memories (from hurts received as a little child, that you couldn't articulate, and don't remember!)
  • pre-birth trauma
  • verbal and physical abuse.

  • Plus, you'll learn to live life with more enthusiasm and pleasure than you ever thought possible!

Life Transformation Groups
Weekly support groups and/or individual appointments are available for women who have been victims of any kind of abuse. Many women have received healing of past hurts, habits, and hangups, enabling them to begin a new life of fulfillment.


"Yet, she who reigns within herself and rules passions, desires,
and fears is more a Queen!"
(John Milton)
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