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 You Are What You Digest!
Have you heard "You are what you eat?" Actually, the truth is you are what you digest! Much of our food today is not fresh and has been manufactured; therefore the enzymes needed to digest them is missing. 
Most people don't realize that our bodies begin diminishing production of enzymes in our twenties! By the time we reach our golden years, enzymes needed for life and rejuvenating our bodies are sadly deficient.
Using our urinalysis, the laboratory will tell how well you or your loved one is digesting his food and recommend SUPPLEMENTS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR SENIORS--to maximize the value they are getting from their meals.
Meals can contribute to health or dis-ease!
Some foods can cause joint pain and other issues. Dr. Carol has worked with the elderly, altering their diet so that they have more energy, increased memory, and less pain. In addition, suggesting ways to eat healthier with less effort as well as the addition of SUPPLEMENTS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR SENIORS!, aid in their quality of life!
* * * * Senior Care home visits are an option for those who are no longer able to drive. * * * * 
The body will heal itself--if given the chance.
(Dr. Bernard Jensen)
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