Trillium Wellness Center, LLC -

Your initial consultation will be a 90-minute visit which includes a thorough intake of past medical history, discussion of current health concerns, evaluation of risk factors, naturopathic interpretation and your individualized plan for health and healing.
You will need to bring three forms with you:

1. The Patient History Form
This form provides your and your family's history giving Dr. Carol an in-depth understanding of past health challenges.
2. The Systems Survey Form
The Systems survey is a questionnaire of symptoms that correlate with the many organs and glands of your body. While one single symptom does not provide much information, a pattern of symptoms can uncover many underlying health imbalances. With this information, Dr. Carol can build an individualized program designed to support your primary concerns and health goals.
3. A Daily Record of Food Intake
This form is used to list the food you have eaten in the past week; it is useful to compare and analyze your body's reactions to the food consumed during that period.
Please have the forms completely filled out when you arrive for your visit.  Dr. Carol will review them with you plus, she will go over them in greater detail at your next visit. 

Follow-up Consultations:
A 50-minute visit includes a detailed assessment of the forms' findings, evaluation of goals for treatment and setting next steps in your journey toward wellness.

Health isn't everything, but
without health, everything is nothing.
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